Me and all my friends at Apple having lunch

Yeah. It’s like dat y’all. Ever since that Journal story on Tim Cook, people just steer clear of me. Other day I was walking past a shipping dock and somebody inside, out of sight, yelled out, “Dead man walking!” like in that movie. Crap. So mostly I’m just sitting around, waiting to hear from Jerry York, wondering what, if anything, anyone wants me to do around here. I tried arranging a couple of meetings; everyone’s “busy” all of a sudden. Their “calendars are booked.” Riiiiight. Meanwhile I see Tim Cook and a bunch of his guys high-fiving and yucking it up outside the Apple gym, and then they all get quiet when they see me.

Here’s a game for you all. How many believe Apple will announce my step-down this evening when we announce results?

And if not tonight, when? Whoever picks the correct date gets a free fake iMac, er, well, maybe a free Pixar DVD. I’m pretty sure I still have a job there.