Hot damn, yo! The Yelptards is back!

And throwin down bigtime yo. Yes folks it’s true. Those moronic, drunken, rug-munching, Web 2.0 posers-slash-losers-who-think-they’re-soooo-hiphop-cool, those utterly San Francisco hard partying kids have struck again, with a an “Elite” Yelptard party at the Bubble Lounge. Once again the debauchery was captured for posterity by the talented Mitchell Aidelbaum, who is now calling himself “Maximum Mitch.” See the whole party here on the Flickr page of Maximum Mitch.

And yes, I’m pretty sure that’s Make-out Girl from the last party. Right?

UPDATE: The girl in the original photo insists she is NOT Make-Out Girl from the last party; and asks that I take down her photo. KK, I got your email. Peace.

(And KK? You might want to contact Mitchell Aidelbaum aka Maximum Mitch. He’s the Yelptard who took that embarrassing photo of you and put it on his flickr page to promote the wild Yelptard lifestyle. It’s still there on his page, where anyone can see it, just FYI.