Google v. Microsoft

Does anyone else think that perhaps this GooTube deal is all part of some Microsoft master plan? That, like, maybe Microsoft jumps into these things and drives up the prices and forces Google to spend huge amounts of money on ridiculous acquisitions? Like when they “fought” over AOL? I know it’s easy to just laugh at the idea of Microsoft losing deals. But let’s think about this. They don’t “lose” for lack of money. And I don’t think guys like Chad Hurley really are so religiously anti-Microsoft that they wouldn’t sell to them. Ergo (that’s Cantonese for “therefore”) Microsoft is getting involved, then pulling out of these things. Are they trying to bleed Google or something? Could it be that the real celebrating took place in Redmond this weekend?

Maybe I’m giving the Evil Empire too much credit. But I’ve been competing against these evil bastards all my life, and I’ve learned one thing: Never rule them out. And never underestimate their smarts.

If I had to guess, I’d say Mr. Bill thinks we’re in the very first inning of a long ballgame, and he’s not freaking out too much. Yet.