Good luck, DVD Jon

People keep asking me if I’m pissed at this Jon Johansen dude who claims he’s hacked Fair Play. See an article about him and his partner here.

Thing is, I’m really not. No company is gonna license it. And as for end users, who’s gonna use this crap? A few freaks, maybe. Just to make a point and show they can do it. Fine. Have fun. We don’t give a shit about you freaks anyway. In case you hadn’t noticed we’re a mass market company. And the mass market audience loves iTunes, loves iPod, loves that they work together so well. The goofballs in the fringe never understand that. Convenience trumps sound quality. We proved that. And ease of use trumps the freedom to move your music around.

Anyway, if by some wild chance this dude does start getting successful we’ll put his Norwegian ass in jail. Why is it always weirdo Scandinavians who get sand in their crack over DRM and stuff like that? Is it something in their culture? Freaks. I’ve never been to Scandinavia, but I already know I don’t like it.