Caption winners

So many good ones this week. I can’t choose just one. Here are some standouts, in no particular order:

Birthday Cake at TGIF – $25.00
Dinner with friends and family – $97.55
Catching my sister with a “Cock Sucker’s Cramp” in a photo – priceless.

“Make a wish, Sergey.”
“I wish Fake Steve would die, I wish Fake Steve would die…”

Sergey: “Darn it, I knocked the blow-up doll over again!”

operative c:
At fourteen, Sergey Brin made three promises to himself, should he ever become a billionaire:
1. He was going to continue to dress like the Russian mobsters he so admired.
2. He would continue to get the same Cookie Puss birthday cake that he had gotten since he was five.
3. He would find a woman whose lips were permanently ready for oral sex, and bring her with him wherever he went.
Here’s to keepin’ it real, Sergey.

Sadly, Sergei was unable to wish his $1,65bn back.