But wait, there’s a McNealy angle

My sources tell me that on Friday after the “leak” broke on the GooTube talks, Scooter began frantically making calls to Sun’s bankers wanting to know why Sun wasn’t competing for YouTube. Bankers informed him that Sun doesn’t have enough money. “We’re looking for someone to buy us, remember?” is how one guy put it. McNealy, undeterred, insisted that by buying YouTube, Sun could make itself a more attractive acquisition target. Bankers informed him that it’s not like buying condos in East Palo Alto and flipping them, there’s a little more to it than that. No matter. McNealy started calling around trying to get Chad Hurley’s cell phone number so he could talk to him directly. Schmidt got wind of this and called Scooter and was like, Dude, what the frig are you thinking? McNealy goes, Look, we put the dot in dotcom. Squirrel Boy goes, Scott, that was like a lifetime ago. Scott goes, That was only six friggin years ago. Eric goes, Wow. You’re right. Six years. Jesus, Scooter, you really drove that baby off a cliff, didn’t you? McNealy barges on saying he wants to compete for YouTube. Schmidt put McNealy on speakerphone so that all the lawyers and bankers in the room could hear him ranting. They all burst out laughing. McNealy said “Frig you guys” and hung up.

BTW, the photo up above is a recent “Scott Spotting” entrant sent in from one of our Apple guys. Turns out his little sister is taking a typing course at the community college in Aptos, and guess who’s in there learning how to type? Scooter told the instructor he’d spent years having his secretary print out his emails and then dictating his responses for her to type up. But now that he’s on the job market again he figures he’d better learn how to do it himself. He’s up to thirty words a minute with only fifteen mistakes, on days when he’s sober. Said he’s signed up for an AOL account, and he’s created a MySpace page. Worse yet, apparently he’s hitting on everything that moves, including the instructor, and he’s still using the “I know Bill Gates” line, or if the girls are younger, he says, “I know the Google guys.” As our employee’s little sister (a target of a Scooter bombing) put it: “Ew.”