The suspense is killing you, right?

Oh, I’ve seen all the stories. Like this one and this one. I’ve heard all the speculation: an iPod with a wide screen, a device for the living room, a smart phone, movie downloads for ten bucks apiece. I’ve read all these goofy rumor blogs and analyst reports. You know what? I love it. I am soooo still the boss of this Valley. I am soooo still the only person who can make this whole industry sit around waiting for the chance to hang on every last word I say. What’s left? I guess I could run for King of the United Nations or something. But who wants to live in France?

As for what we are gonna unveil next week, all I can tell you is that lots of the stories have been correct, sort of, but nobody has got it completely right. You’re all kinda warm, but you’re all kinda wrong too. One bit of advice: Think bigger. Imagine the most outrageous, audacious thing we could do. Then double that. Think of something so big, so profound, that people are going to redesign their houses around it. Entire neighborhoods, revamped for this technology.

One thing I can guarantee you: Once again, as we have so many times before, we are going to blow your friggin minds. The way only we can. September 12, 2006. A date that will live in history. Showtime.

Peace out.