Sting is so down to earth

Tomorrow is Showtime, and I’m remarkably calm. Maybe because the rehearsals went so well. Or maybe because what we’re announcing is just so amazing. Or maybe because we had Sting and Trudie visiting over the weekend. They’re both such open people. There’s no pretense, no artifice, no sense of anything false. They just let themselves be. We didn’t talk about technology at all, except they saw our new 24-inch iMac and were totally blown away. For thirty-six hours I just forgot about everything Apple related. We did yoga in the morning, meditated in the afternoon, went for walks on the beach (which drew some stares, as always), talked about the environment and art and human rights. Also Sting has an idea about how we could use iTunes to end world hunger. The gist is we add a dime to the cost of every download, so it’s $1.09 instead of 99 cents, then we donate that dime to a feed-the-world type organization. A billion downloads times ten cents each is, like, I don’t know, half a billion dollars or something. Will we actually do this? I doubt it. But just the fact that we could is so cool. Anyway. This was one of those perfect weekends in California where you stop and smell the eucalyptus and put your priorities back in order. BTW, check out the quality of the photo here. It was taken with a new device that you’ll be hearing about very soon. That’s all I can say for now. Peace.