Sergey’s actually a cool dude

Just need to mention this. I know I’ve ripped on Sergey a bit here on this blog. But he still reached out to me with this offer of a long weekend trip. And ya know what? He’s actually a cool dude. Sort of reminds me of myself at his age. (If only I’d had his kind of money. Scary.) Just one example: Since his party plane still isn’t ready, he’s leased the old Led Zeppelin jet at some ridiculous price. To which all I can say is, Wow. I’m sorry, this kid has class. We’re pumping nothing but Zep through the sound system, and we’ve been going all over the plane finding crap the Zep dudes left behind. Like a pair of Robert Plant’s girl jeans, and Jimmy Page’s bullwhip and handcuffs, and these big duffel bags in a compartment under one of the couches which we think belonged to Bonzo since it’s got a box of drum sticks with it. Not gonna say what’s in the bags but put it this way, there’s enough to fill up a hot tub, and Kate Moss says she’s getting on the next flight out of London to meet us in Shanghai. Sergey just got off the phone with her. Looks like no sleep this weekend. Oh well. I’ll sleep when I get back to the monastery in Cupertino. Not much going on next week anyway.

Will blog again if possible. Peace out, people.