Satanic fun with AdSense?

So during our long weekend we were digging through Bonzo’s stash bags and I asked Sergey Brin, Dude, I’ve been using AdSense for a few weeks and all I’ve made is like twenty bucks. Can that really be right? How much of the money am I getting? He goes, Oh, you’re getting almost all of the money. I go, Really? He goes, Um, no. You get almost nothing, sorry, that’s how it works, because if we gave all the money to bloggers they’d just be evil with it, whereas if we keep it we can put it to better use, like by promoting free speech in China.

Then I asked him about keywords. Like, the other day I mentioned Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin and suddenly I’m buried in ads for those twats. Then I did the posts about Hans-Olaf and got all these ads about hackers. Sergey informs me that it’s just some frigtarded algorithm that tries to guess what you’re writing about and target ads to that content. He says you can totally frig with it by putting in frigged up keywords but this pisses off the guys who do the algorithm cause they have to keep tweaking it when people intentionally throw it off. He says the marketing dudes in Google labs do this all the time just to drive the dweebs nuts. I go, You mean like if I mentioned Paris Hilton? Or Satan? Or Paris Hilton and Satan having Satanic sex in the room of Satan worshipper Paris Hilton and her Satanic cult friends? Would I then get all sorts of ads about Satan and Paris Hilton? If I wrote something like Satan-Satan-Satan and Hail Satan and Satan Lives or Satan Rules, would I get all sorts of creepy ads with pentagrams or whatever?

He goes, I dunno, dude, try it and see, just make sure you put it in the title of the item. Also, try publishing it twice, you’ll get more effect. Hey, look, what do you think these red pills are? You wanna try some?