Rob Glaser describes the size of his unit

And exaggerates by 50%. Okay, that’s mean. Sorry. Anyhoo, says today in the Journal that RealNetworks is gonna team up with SanDisk to make a closed-loop music system. Question is, when RealNetworks fails at this, as they have failed at everything else, how will Glaser manage to blame it on Microsoft? (The irony is that Glaser perfected this tactic of blaming others while working at Microsoft, where he rose like a helium balloon and always moved on before anyone discovered the disasters he’d left behind.) Despite his record of incredible underachievement this guy has an ego even bigger than his ass. He seriously believes he’s way smarter than Gates, and it drives him nuts that he can’t succeed at anything. Consequently he’s become the biggest whinger in tech. Yeah, yeah, Gates plays dirty, boohoo.

Rob, here’s some tough love. Your problem isn’t Microsoft. Your problem is your software. It’s crap. In fact it’s even crappier than Microsoft’s software, and that’s saying something. Your software doesn’t get viruses; it actually is a virus. So look, if you’re really going to try to stay in this business, why not pull your panties out of your crack and get to work fixing your code? Oh, right. It’s easier to go whining to the feds.