Meet Adam Werbach

Check out this douchebag. He’s Adam Werbach. Says here he’s on the board of Greenpeace International. You know, the guys who are giving me all this shit about not being green. The guys who’ve got all their little freako fanatics bombarding our switchboard with pestering phone calls. Turns out Adam owns a couple of little piss-ant companies in San Francisco. Ironweed Films and Act Now Productions. How much you wanna bet these groovy hippie-dippie artsy progressive filmmakers are using Macs in their shop? Put it this way, if they’re using Dells, I’ll eat my shorts. So here’s the thing. I dare anyone to just call up and say hey, What kind of computers do you guys use? Got any Macs in your shop? Do you know they’re full of pollution?

Ironweed’s phone number is 866-456-9333. Act Now can be reached at 415-241-2510. Make sure you ask for Adam. And tell them Steve Jobs sent you. Heck, sing the Greenpeace song. Ask them if they’ve got Prince Albert in a can. Pretend you’re buggering a baby seal. Whatever. Make these bastards as miserable as they’re trying to make us. Do what you gotta do. Peace out.