Just one example of a Greenpeace lie

This is pure bullshit and they know it. Yet they go ahead and print it. It just amazes me the utter rubbish people can print on the Web. Especially these anonymous bloggers but don’t get me started.

Product life span

We get angry when our iPod breaks just after the one-year warranty expires. We get annoyed when Apple says it’s cheaper to buy a new one than fix the old one. We hate it when we are reduced to selling our old PowerBook keyboard on eBay for five bucks. These are common consumer woes resulting from Apple designing products with short life spans. If Apple had to take back its old products, you can bet it would start designing longer lasting products that are easier to reuse and recycle.

Apple has good taste, and we want that flavor to last.

Fact is our products last longer and break down less than everyone else in the industry. They’re the best-made consumer electronics products in the world, bar none. It’s not just me saying this. Researchers have done studies. Okay, we commissioned those studies. But whatever. I’m just saying. This is bull. And it’s just one example of how Greenpeace lies.

Folks, here’s the deal. We’re way greener than every other company. But Greenpeace knows we’ve got this lefty progressive customer base and they’re trying to tap into that. Okay? They’re like direct marketers, trying to buy our customer list and mail-bomb them.