Introducing Nicholas Negroponte’s new $100 smart phone

Yes, here it is, up and running in the Third World, with a Linux OS, Openwave browser, built-in camera and MP3 player. This dude is calling his sister to see if she got the photos he just uploaded to his blog using a Java applet he wrote himself! Bet those shots look great on her shit-green hundred-dollar laptop with its hi-rez 7-inch screen.

Okay, I’m lying. I stole, er, borrowed this photo from Jonathan Schwartz’s blog. I went there hoping to find some explanation of John Doerr’s departure, you know, in that whole “naked conversations” tell-the-world-everything blogger style that Jonathan is always raving about. Just look at this post from two months ago, regarding “sunlight”:

You can tell I’m a big fan of transparency – that’s why I write a blog. … A very wise man once said, “Sunlight is the best disinfectant” – and in my view, exposing our internals to the outside world also helps us respond to problems more rapidly.

So what up with the Doerr departure? Jonathan hasn’t posted anything for three days. Maybe he’s busy sending out resumes. Note to Da Vinci Code fans. (Yes, Dvorak, that means you.) Sun has been rumored to be in acquisition talks. Now John Doerr, a board member, departs and gives no good reason. Perhaps he has a conflict of interest. Question: Where else is John Doerr a board member? Nah, that makes no sense at all.

Jonathan, please, you beacon of sunlight, you purveyor of digital disinfectant, tell us what’s going on here.