If you think HP is messed up

You should see the stuff Sun has been pulling. Remember all those top execs who bailed a few years ago? And finally Zander too? McNealy was listening to their cell phone calls, and they quit in protest. Doerr knew all about it but kept quiet. But now that the HP poop has hit the fan, it’s gonna come out that Sun should have disclosed this stuff too. So Doerr tries to weasel out by pulling a Tom Perkins, quitting in a so-called huff. No doubt he’ll start leaking to the Journal, too, to keep his own ass covered down the road. (Because yeah, the Journal will make that kind of deal. Give us McNealy, we let you swim free. You don’t think they’re ethical, do you? They’re as bad as we are, maybe worse.) However the SEC might not be so easy to buy off, and apparently Doerr knows it. Our private investigators (yeah, we have them, duh) last night photographed Doerr and an unidentified man visiting a self-storage facility in San Jose and loading duffel bags (cash presumably?) into a pickup truck.