HP’s flack, spied upon, says: Thank you, ma’am, may I have another?

Mike Moeller, ex-BusinessWeek tech reporter, earned the undying respect of his colleagues by quitting at the height of the dotcom boom and trying to cash in by becoming Marc Andreessen’s flack at Loudcloud. (Remember Mike’s smacktalk about how huge they were gonna be?) Well somehow Mike ended up doing PR at HP, and it turns out he too was a target of Pattie Dunn’s doofball spy program. So is he quitting? Suing? Nope, he will continue to serve as HP’s paid apologist, CNET reports. Moeller’s money quote: “I think it should speak volumes that I am still doing my job.” Um, yeah, Mike, it does indeed speak volumes. Volumes upon volumes. By the way, Mark Hurd says don’t forget to pick up his suits at the dry cleaner on your way in on Monday, and Pattie says she’s told you this a million times, she wants Splenda in her latte, not Equal, which is what you gave her last time, and she friggin hates that, so shape up, bitch.