Hard to reach this weekend

Blogging from the road and might not have great access for the next few days. I’m in Japan with Sergey Brin checking out these new sex robots that some guys from Tokyo University are developing. (As you can see, the early models aren’t great — they go for this punk rock look, a total turnoff for me.) But they’re getting better, and basically the deal is for $250,000 they’ll make one to spec for you. Sergey wants them to make him a bot that looks like Scarlett Johansson but is a shemale. (I’m not asking any questions.) I’ve brought over a Mitchell Aidelbaum photo of Bike Helmet Girl and a shot of Veronica Belmont taken from her flickr page. When I showed them the photo of Bike Helmet Girl the Japanese dudes all started panicking and freaking out and talking a mile a minute to each other. Finally the one dude who can speak English says, Jobs-san, my colleagues want to know, please tell us, what is name of company that make this robot? I told them she’s not a robot, she’s a real girl, she was at a party in San Francisco. Guy goes, No, no, this is not human. This is robot. Very very good likeness, but robot, most certainly. German made, we think. Where you see her? I told them I’ve never actually met her, just traded email. But I think she lives in San Francisco. The Japanese dudes all have this conference, and then they say to Sergey, Brin-san, we must go to San Francisco and find her, can you take us in your party plane? Brin says sure, no problem, but we’re heading to Shanghai for the weekend, but we’ll stop and pick you guys up on the way back.

Well, more later. Peace out.