Gay Freddy Krueger says thanks

Also in the mailbag in response to the item on scary gay longhairs is this email from Whipkey Uncle aka Gay Freddy Krueger.

Dear Steve, Jes wanna thank y’all for linkin to ma personal ad and sendin some traffick ma way. So far I got three runaways who wannna come live with there wild n crazy uncle whipkey. No hard feelins on the Freddy Kruger name either. Keep up the good werk. By the way I know u used ta be one of us (a longhair) and I wish y’all wud consider gone back to that look, the short hair dont suit ya. xoxoxo hugz n kissez, Whipkey Uncle. PS pleez post mor items on the Yelptards I love em and the makin out girlz are favorite.