eWeek editor ‘disappointed’ by HP’s failure to spy on his staff

Scot Petersen, editor-in-chief of eWeek, says he is “saddened and disappointed” when he reads about the extreme measures HP took to gather information about reporters at his rival, CNET, while doing nothing at all about eWeek.

What are we, chopped liver? We don’t rate a single phone tap, not even a pretexting attempt? Well I hope Pattie Dunn doesn’t think she’s scared us off. Because we ain’t gonna let up. You don’t get to be “the source for all high-tech news” by rolling over and playing dead every time some company plays hardball on you. We’re gonna stay right in their face. For example, just this week we ran this hard-hitting piece called “HP to Open More SOA Centers” and this one called “HP Rolls Out Integrated Storage System for SMBs.” That’s got some knees trembling out there in Palo Alto, let me tell ya. And we got more coming. I’m sure they don’t like it, but what can I do? I follow the truth wherever it leads me. So do what you need to do, Pattie Dunn, but we ain’t backing down. Like the song goes, Shorty wanna step up, I twist his neck up. That’s just how we roll at eWeek.