Dan’l Lewin stabs me in the back

In this story someone sent me just now. Money quote:

“We tend to take the long view. There’s a flash of brilliance in the iPod, but what will they do after Steve is gone, when it will be about massive scale?”

Dude, it’s bad enough that your name is Dan’l. (Poser!) Worse yet that you sold your soul to the devil and you’re working at Microsoft. But if you wanna talk smack, let’s talk smack. Zune is a friggin Toshiba Gigabeat with a Microsoft label on it. It’s getting hammered before you even release it. And when I think about what we’re about to unleash on you guys — when I look down on my desk, right here, and gaze at the extraordinary beauty of this object — well, ole Dan’l Boone, I almost feel bad for you.