Blood in the water

The witch hunt is on in the Valley, and people are freaking out. These pygmies and parasites in the press have been living off us for years. But all the while they’ve been lying in wait, brooding, sniping, waiting to attack. They’re all jealous cause they work at some newspaper and get paid crap while we make millions, or billions, even though they’re convinced we’re a bunch of morons and they’re way smarter. Truth is, most of them couldn’t run a lemonade stand.

Word to your mom, reporters: We’re better than you. Sorry, but it’s true. Look at the two people in these photos. You’re not fit to shine their shoes. Now you want war? Okay. Let’s play, pygmies. Let’s play.

Everybody out here is paranoid. Because all this so-called “illegal” stuff, like backdating options and spying on reporters? We’ve all been doing it for years. It’s par for the course out here. You think Intel isn’t listening to phone calls? You think Larry Ellison doesn’t have his ex-CIA pals tapping every board member’s phone, and gathering video feeds from reporters’ houses? You think the Googletards don’t do anything with all that info they gather? You think Hollywood execs are the only ones who hire Anthony Pellicano? Obtain a clue, people. There are billions at stake out here. I’m telling you, it’s gonna get ugly out here before this is over.