Turns out Metcalfe’s Law is, um, wrong. Look. Bob’s a friend. So I want to go easy on this. But the thing is, Bob really wants to be remembered for something other than Ethernet. And he was always fascinated by Moore’s Law (which by the way is also not true, but anyhoo.) So we used to get baked up on Bob’s farm in Woodside and Bob would sit around trying all sorts of crazy shit for a “Metcalfe’s Law” and finally he found this one about networks growing in value in relation to the number of blah blah blah. Whatever. I don’t think he ever expected it would catch on. Certainly he never expected anyone to take it seriously, like some kind of actual mathematical proof or something. I mean, it’s a pretty obvious back-of-the-napkin job, isn’t it? Problem is, nobody in the Valley can tell the difference. You’ve got all these McKinsey types who are really good at latching on to some pseudo-scientific horseshit and tossing it around like it’s some bit of quantum physics they picked up while they were working at Brookhaven. You know, the kind of people who think adding new features to Linux qualifies as “science,” or that tossing together a photo sharing site is akin to designing a space station. Poor old Bob, though. He must be bumming.