This Valleywag website is a laff riot

My God you have to see this side-splitting Valleywag spoof about what it would be like if, like, Sergey Brin was like talking on a solar-powered mobile phone in — wait for it — in England! Ha! Because it’s not very sunny there! Geddit? So the phone would go out a lot! Ha! And they’ve got a picture of some guy naked on the first page today too! Naked! A guy! And he’s in Alaska. Where it’s cold!

Meanwhile, Gawker today has this even funnier article about Matthew Broderick breaking his collarbone in a riding accident. I mean, my God! Wow! Funny stuff, right? If only he’d pulled a full Christopher Reeve and become a quadraplegic, oh my God, then it would be just be the funniest thing ever, right? But here’s the thing. Sure, Matthew Broderick breaking his collarbone in a riding accident is hilarious by itself. But it’s even more hilarious because his wife looks like a horse! Geddit? She’s horsey! And her husband almost died falling off a horse! Wow! Gawker is so hip that they call her SJP instead of Sarah Jessica Parker because everyone who’s hip (like me, or should I say moi) knows who Matthew Broderick is married to, so you don’t have to say her name, just her initials. Oh my God! What did we do for fun before Gawker was invented? Wow. Classy. Hats off to you, guys.