So Michael Eisner calls

And he’s like, Steve, Steve, Steve, I need your help on something, I’m out in the Hamptons and I’m doing a crossword puzzle here and I’m trying to remember that word that you Eastern religion hippie freaks are always using … what is it? Five letters, begins with K. Kurma? Korma? No, that’s some kind of Indian food. Oh wait. Karma. That’s it, isn’t it? Karma? I think that’s it. Great. Whew! But anyway, so what’s new? I’m a little out of touch these days, haven’t been reading the papers, just out here on vacation enjoying myself. Any news on the Disney front? Or at Apple? What’s going on? Heard those iPods are selling like crazy. Good for you, Steve, really. Good for you. Couldn’t be happier for you. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. Really. I mean it. You get my drift? Peace out, as the kids say.