So Larry calls again

And he goes, I got it! Seriously. We’ll do a prank on someone. Like that guy we told we were going to make CEO of Apple, the IT guy from Pixar. Remember that? Few years ago? Guy went to all the papers and told them he was gonna be CEO of Apple, remember? Friggin hilarious! What an idiot! So maybe we call him up now and see if he’ll fall for it again. Can you imagine? Oh my God. I’m choking on my salad here. So where is that guy anyway? You still got his phone number or whatever? I go, You know, I think that guy committed suicide after that. Larry goes, No shit, really? Dammit, that frigs the whole thing up doesn’t it? Well I guess we gotta find someone else then. Hey, I got it! McNealy. Seriously. Call him up, bring him in for a fake interview, then we’ll just yell at him and badger him. Whattaya think? We can videotape it and release it on YouTube. Yeah! Right? Am I right?

This time I didn’t even say goodbye before I hung up.