Scott Spotting

Yipes. This just came in from ace photographer Mitchell Aidelbaum who says he studies karate at a dojo in Atherton where McNealy started going recently. According to Mitchell Aidelbaum this was Scott’s third lesson and he started going on about how no karate dude could survive in a hockey fight, and he started taunting the mustache dude, saying, Come on, I’m a friggin hockey player, so don’t be a pussy, go ahead and hit me, no I mean really try to hit me, okay? What are you, a chick or something? You know you look gay with that mustache, right? Are you gay? No problem if you are but don’t try any funny holds on me, okay sweetheart? You must be gay, seriously. You look just like Tom Selleck. Oh, did that piss you off? Did it? Well come on then. You know I’m from Detroit, right? Come on, Nancy boy. Let’s see what you’ve got. I mean it. No, seriously, really come at me, just give me — ooomph.

According to Mitchell Aidelbaum:

McNealy was only unconscious for about fifteen to twenty minutes. But one of us had to drive him home. He hasn’t come back since.