Scott Spotting

Just found this in my email. Hans-Olaf Gutmansdottir aka Hog is in town from Iceland for Linux World and sent this photo of Scott McNealy getting jumped by a bunch of Debian developers outside the Tosca Cafe in North Beach last night. Hog says McNealy was mouthing off about how the attendance was way down at the Linux show and how the Linux freaks can’t even afford decent booth bimbos and how Open Solaris is gonna kill Linux in its crib. Hog writes: Please note Steve that just out of visible in the dark background that is unfortunately beyond powir of my flash you can almost recognize are Bruce Perens and Richard Stallman, that stayed back a few feet and did not kick McNealy but were urging on the attackirs.

Citizen journalism at its finest. Thanks, Hog. And Scott, as I’ve told you before, don’t mess with the FOSS lunatics. They’re nuts. Seriously.