Scott Spotting

This one just hit my inbox:

“So me and some of my friends from Google were at the Old Pro on El Camino Real in PA, having drinks and McNealy spots my bud’s T-shirt and comes over and he’s like, Hey, you’re a Unix head, right? You know how I know that? Can you guess? He’s all trying to be cool and impress us and we go yeah, yeah, we know who you are, blah, blah. So apparently he’s there by himself and he asks if he can join us and “talk shop,” and he starts asking us if we use Sun boxes and talking all this smack about IBM and HP and we’re like, whatever, screwball, who gives a shit about IBM and HP, we all use Linux, have you heard of it?

“Anyway, he kept buying us drinks so we let him hang around, but by like the zillionth Bill Joy story we all started taking bets as to which one of us would blow our brains out first. We actually considered sneaking away, like pretending to go to the men’s room and then climbing out the window. Turns out they’ve got bars over the window. Finally we managed to escape by inventing this story about having to go back to work. He got kinda sad when we said that. Almost felt bad for the guy. Almost. So we took this photo as a memento and promised him we’d email him a copy. Check out the look on my friend Jim’s face here. Like, “Please, Scott, you have old man smell okay? Stop touching me. Really.” Love your stuff, dude. Keep it up.”