Scott Spotting

So this is a game we’ve been playing inside Apple for the past few months, and we’re thinking maybe we should open it up to outsiders. Basically the idea is you go out and find Scott McNealy doing something in public, like telling tall tales at the bar of a TGI Friday’s, and you take his picture with your camera phone, or better yet, a digital camera. That’s it. You don’t have to hit him with a pie or anything. Just take a snapshot. (And be careful not to get too close, he bites.) Anyhoo, what we do is score the pictures on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 represented by the rather benign shot up above, which was taken at the Red Hat booth at this week’s Linux World show, where Scott was going, Oh, I see, so it really is kinda like Unix, huh? And a score of 10 is represented by this which was taken in the Pebble Beach locker room two weekends ago and still ranks #1 on our system. Honestly, it’s gonna be pretty tough to beat. But be on the lookout, and send along your best efforts. Feel free to write your own captions too. We’ll publish the best ones as they come in, and maybe put them to a vote and give out an iPod to the winner, something like that. Peace out.