Razor wire is going up

Yep. No lie. Here’s the new look of the Apple campus. By end of day Friday we’re going to have the entire place lawyer-proofed. You think those bozos from the SEC can get over that fence? Yeah, me neither. Jerry York just called and said, Steve, Steve, calm down, it’s just the peyote talking, okay? Like when you did that crazy Next machine, remember? You gotta cool off. This options thing is gonna blow over, kid. I’m sorry if I scared you the other day. It’s no big deal, kid, I swear it’s no big deal. You gotta drink some water, kid. A lot of water. And drink some coffee. Makes you pee. Flush that shit outta you, okay? And take a couple valiums. You got any valium there? I’ll call your doctor. We’ll get you a shot. But I’m like, Jerry, no way. The razor wire is going up. And the laywers are staying out. They’re destroying the vibe, Jerry. And folks, just FYI, in case you’re wondering, yeah, we’ve got snipers in those towers. Real snipers. Ex-Marines. I’m talking Lee Harvey friggin Oswald. Tag em and bag em, brothers. Those are my orders.