Peace — pay it forward

So it’s Friday, and I’m slipping out early to hit the mud baths in Calistoga, then get a hot mineral soak and cucumber wrap. Anything to take my mind off this options crap and the restatements and the NASDAQ hassle today.

Anyhoo, I’ve also been thinking about war. Like the war in Iraq, and the war in Lebanon, and the one in Africa with the Hutus and the Tutsis. Just war in general. It’s all the same. It’s war. And I’m thinking, man, we gotta stop doing this. We gotta stop having wars. And I just feel that if enough of us felt this way, we could stop it, you know? Not sure how yet but I’ve got some people working on it. Like some of my most creative people at Apple and Pixar, some of my real rockstars, in a kind of cross-company initiative. One idea we’re kicking around is that maybe I can do a kind of Jesse Jackson thing, like go on a world tour and call on some of the so-called bad guys, like the guy in Iran with the impossible name, and King John Ill in South Korea and maybe Osama Bin Laden and whoever is the king of the Hutus or whatever. And then get the guys like Bush and Blair and DeGaulle and whoever else is on the good side and we all sit down and just talk. Like we do a Dayton Accord but worldwide. Just get everything out on the table. Maybe bring Nelson Mandela with me. And Bill Clinton. Maybe Bono. I dunno. Just an idea.

Another idea the team cooked up is a very simple thing. It’s one word. Just one word, one syllable. Peace. Say it out loud, right now, there at your desk. Peace. Nice, right? So start using it. Like as a greeting to your friends, instead of “hey” or “hi” or “what’s up.” Instead, say, “Peace.” Same when you’re saying goodbye. Instead of “later,” or “see ya,” just say, “Peace.” You see? Starts to gather power through repetition. Like that movie, Pay It Forward. If we get this started on the blogs, maybe it can spread around the world.

I know you might feel awkward or embarrassed saying it. But just try. If we all start doing it, it won’t feel so weird. Peace. You see? Just one word. Peace. I’m hoping other bloggers will pick up on this too. Even the doofballs like Scoble and Jonathan Schwartz. Try it, guys. I know we’ve had our differences, but this is bigger than us. We’re talking about the world. The planet. Our lives. So let’s get involved. Let’s do something. Let’s show the world that the Valley isn’t just a bunch of self-absorbed money-grubbing narcissists who don’t care about anything except ripping off shareholders and giving ourselves options and making ridiculous amounts of money. I grew up here. I know better. I know we’re not just a bunch of glorified Circuit City salestards who spout a bunch of Eastern religion hooey and fly around in private jets feeling morally superior. We’re the smartest, most creative, most innovative people in the world. And we’re pretty spiritually enlightened, too, by the way, if that matters to you, which I hope it does. Look, we make computers. Computers. Machines that change the world. Now let’s make another change. An even bigger one. Let’s put an end to war. Let’s start it right here, right in the Valley. Why not? Everything else starts here. After we wipe out war, we’ll go for poverty. I say this in a spirit of complete humility.

Please, pay this message forward. It’s just one word.