I’ve got a sense of humor, but you know what?

This is not cool. Some a-hole on Ebay is selling a mold of Larry Page’s teeth. Just not funny, man. Really. Sure, I know the Googletards bring a lot of this on themselves. But at some point there has to be a line you draw where you say, enough is enough. It’s like the stalkerazzi going after Britney Spears every time she drives off with her kid strapped to the roof of her SUV. Leave the poor fat hillbilly alone, for Pete’s sake. She can’t help the way she is. Same for Larry. We don’t need to know every little bit of news about him, like what he ate for dinner or pictures of him knocking boots with some slapper at a club. We certainly don’t need his dental molds. I mean, here’s a guy who believes so strongly in freedom of expression that he runs this Blogger service at a loss, just gives it away free, like a kind of philanthropy, in order to make the world a better place. He’s also deeply committed to protecting the privacy of his users, even when those anonymous a-holes use his own service to make fun of him. Come on. Talk about “Don’t be evil.” This guy is a saint. And he’s just as God made him. With a few extra billions. Seriously, I can’t stand stuff like this.