I’m fine, really. Honest. No problems.

Namaste. There’s been a lot of speculation about my health cause people said I looked so crappy at the WWDC. Look, the question has been asked and answered. But I understand. People worry. It’s cool. I appreciate the concern. I do. And I’m fine. Yes, that really was me at the WWDC, not a stand-in who looks and sounds almost exactly like me. No, I have not fled the country and been replaced by a look-alike. Katie, our currently non-hypnotized PR woman, wanted to put out a statement to this effect but I told her we should stick to the “frig you” policy that has served us so well with the press in the past. Meanwhile, my spiritual advisor Jennie Falco has arrived and we’re sequestered in the Apple meditation chamber, which I’ve blocked out for the next two days. (Sorry to those of you who had to cancel sessions.) Jennie and I are doing some karmic repatterning, plus some soul clearing and journeywork. In other words, the full package, with brief breaks for bathroom and email. It’s hard work, and very taxing. But I know it is going to pay off. Thank you all for your concern. Namaste.