Folks, a few items to deal with.

1. The Jobsmeister is gonna post some “greatest hits” from the old archive here, and DJ Fakey is taking your requests. Let me know which ones you want to see.

2. Does anyone give a damn about the new team members? As I said yesterday, I’ve been against the idea of a “dream team” blog from the start, but Random Johnson, the VC, insisted on it, and since he’s putting up the bucks I said I’d give it a try. But my sense is that nobody gives a crap what other people have to say and that people only care about my opinion. Then again, that has always been my sense, at every monent of my entire life. So I’m maybe not the best judge of this. But frankly I feel like I’m in a friggin boy band or something, with Chris, the moody one who reads books, Kevin, the funny one who rides a skateboard, Random, the mature one who knows about business, and Hog, the fat naked frigtard. And Steve, the front man, the one the girls all crave. Anyhoo, it’s kinda gay, so whatever. Gimme some ammo in a kind of online focus group so I can fire these idiots ASAP.

3. The leakage has ended. I’m feeling much better. Many thanks for your cards and flowers. Really.

4. You may have read that options problems have now popped up at Pixar, from before the time of the Disney acquisition. And you may be wondering whether these two companies, Apple Computer and Pixar, have anything in common. Like, is there any connection between them? Is there any way to explain this strange coincidence that both of these companies are reporting similar problems at about the same time? Hmmm. Hafta get back to you on that one. But meanwhile, remember, there’s nothing to worry about. Just think about Nemo. Happy little Nemo, swimming in the ocean. Look, he’s a clown fish! And he’s orange! Have you ever seen anything so cute? And look how happy he is! So should you be! Or you can think about products. Gleaming, white, shiny, clean, sleek, fast. Watch them do amazing things! You are so cool if you own them. Say this word like a mantra to yourself: Products, products, products. Mmmmm. Ommmm. Something like that.

Peace out.