Help is on the way, hooray

So I’ve been desperately trying to track down my Zen master. I tried calling him, got the machine. Drove up to his house, he’s not there. Drove down to Tassajara, up to Berkeley, no luck. Finally I went to the Zen Center in Mountain View and someone there who knows him tells me he’s on a friggin retreat in Japan and can’t be reached. But they know someone else, supposedly very excellent, this woman named Jennie Falco who was trained and received the blessing of my original Zen master, the late Kobin Chino. Jennie’s website (please check it out) says she’s a “heart-centered clairvoyant medium” and a “counselor, teacher and guide.” She also does karmic repatterning and soul clearing/journeywork. In other words, she’s perfect, but there’s just one catch. She’s in Colorado doing a Reiki Master Training workshop. So I track her down and she says of course she knows who I am because Roshi Kobin often spoke of me (!) and of course she’ll cancel the workshop and come back ASAP to help me. She says she can feel the disturbance in my soul over the phone. So, great. I’m sending the Apple jet to get her.

Meanwhile, I’m just trying to stay quiet and find the still center. I’ve told everyone around me, no phone calls, no visitors. Especially not from Potter. I want that guy out. I’m not releasing any new products until he’s gone. Because they’ll just be infected by his bad energy. The guy and his goon squad are totally messing up the spirituality around here. It’s a delicate place, Apple. You’ll never get to visit, but if you did, you’d see. The hallways are very quiet. Lots of glass and wood. Very monastic. The whole idea is to sustain a feeling of harmony, like a string pulled taut. Now we’ve got these lawyers running around ripping the place up. It hurts my soul, honestly. I’m fasting again, and meditating. Liquids only until Jennie Falco gets here. Namaste. Peace.