Everyone’s taking shots at El Jobso

Even the usually reverent dweebs at CNET are taking shots at me now. First this hot chick Veronica Belmont calls me “old mad dog Steve Jobs” and does a bake-off video and chooses a Toshiba Gigabeat over our iPod. Um, right. But I gotta say, Veronica, you are a very attractive young woman. Really. Put it this way. There’s a couple of things I noticed about you right away. Not saying that’s why CNET put you on their “TV show.” I’m sure it had more to do with your years of journalism experience and your deep engineering background. Not to mention that cute little accent where you can’t pronounce the letter T in the middle of words like “button” and “important.” Check it out. Sort of an American cockney or something. If you weren’t ripping on my product, I might actually call you up and invite you over for an interview. Guess you blew it.

But that’s not all from CNET. They’re also breaking my stones for not putting out new iPods fast enough. Year or so ago people were bitching that we were cranking out new models too quickly. Now too slow. People, get your story straight.