Diversity is not just a slogan for us

Namaste. Here at Apple we like to think that we’re, well, a little different from other companies. A little more progressive. And yes, a little better. Especially when it comes to things like vegetarianism, sustainable energy, and ethnic diversity. Especially diversity. You should see our cafeteria. There is sooo much ethnic food to choose from. Honestly, diversity really is an integral part of who we are. Always has been. I guess because of my own Middle Eastern roots, I’ve always been kind of really finely tuned to other parts of the world. I mean, this is just something that is really important to me. And it’s something we really try to convey in our advertisements. Like the “think different” ads where we intentionally used foreigners like Gandhi, Einstein and Picasso. And then the silhouette ads, with the wildly gyrating ethnic type people with dreadlocks and such, like our latest, which I urge you to go view on our web site.

The message is that we’re not really a U.S. company. We’re citizens of the world. We’re a global brand. We’re not afraid of people who have skin that is darker than ours. In fact we celebrate them. We rejoice in their darkness. And for people who don’t feel this way, well, we like to kind of take them out of their comfort zone a little bit. Maybe shake them up. Or, if they really don’t like the ads, well, that’s fine, because we don’t want those people using our products. Seriously. If you’re a racist, don’t buy an iPod. Or an iMac. Because you won’t enjoy it. And the thing is, at Apple we don’t just talk the talk when it comes to diversity. We walk the walk. I urge you to look at the incredible diversity of the executive management team that runs this place. And our super ethnic board of directors. I’m so proud of what we have accomplished here. Really.

Peace out. Or just peace.