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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Die Hitler-Parodie Bunker ist offiziell verboten, über das Internet sofort!

I vill not tolerate haffing mein image abused like a ferret in Goering's underpants!

Goodbye, Hitler! We will miss you! From the great Hilary Clinton in The Bunker to the latest iPad in The Bunker, they’re all getting wiped, as the copyright holders, some uptight Scheißeköpfen in Munich, doesn’t find any of the parodies on YouTube or elsewhere profitable funny. It’s a sign that many things we love and take for granted on the internet are soon coming to an end. Auf Wiedersehen, meine Kinder, bis wir uns wiedersehen!

Friday, April 9, 2010

While we were singing praises of OS 4.0 …

As Dear Leader was successfully demonstrating the next evolutionary step in cyberhuman development, developers were aghast at the new programming restrictions quietly introduced for the iPhone and iPad platform. Essentially, it bans the use of Adobe programming tools for the iPhone. I never saw so many knickers tied in knots since a Beta Theta Pi frat pledge panty raid at a Delta Delta Delta sorority, but less fun, I can tell you, though a number of people feel like they got royally screwed afterwards.

It’s totally official, now. It’s open warfare on Adobe and Apple feels it can bend the will of the developers with this latest decree. It’s a ballsy move, as many may openly revolt and go over to Android, which has no qualms about about using Adobe, and the Google team is now preparing to work closely with Adobe and hopefully make their stuff less buggy, a lot quicker and easier to use.

He thought and acted differently


Malcom McClaren

A pseudo-Situationist

A London haberdasher

A nouveau naughty music management novice

An opportunist, a misinformation jockey, the original post-modern mash-up performance artist.

A crook, a swindler, an exploiter, a cultural plunderer, a dirty rotten dilettante,  the original post modern confidence trickster.

He died horribly from cancer – some think he got off too easily.

Thanks for The Sex Pistols, Bow Wow Wow, Boy George and all the clothes

Palm Board of Directors have a budget meeting

Pearls Before Swine

Laughed? I nearly cried. Never a dry eye at Pearls Before Swine.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Weekend video: I’m Gone – Jeff Lynne

Everyone follow the bouncing ball and sing along … and dance.
It’s been a good ride so far, ya’ think?

This posting will grow on you




There was one sales meeting I attended on a casual Friday when a female co-worker wearing very casual clothing made the table in the room rise six inches. See more proboscis violations at Dilbert.com.

“I’m a Mac” ads campaign at an end?

Justin  “I’m a Mac” Long discussed briefly that Apple may be discontinuing its long successful “I’m a Mac, I’m a PC” ad campaign on The Onion A/V/ club

Jon Rubinstein still putting on a brave face

Palm CEO, Jon Rubinstein bravely fielded questions from CNN’s Adam Lashinsky,

We've had a few mishaps, but just you wait, 'cos you aint seen nuthin' yet!

who, in a nutshell, noted Palm was bleeding like a Roman senator in a hot bath;  needs to find a suitor willing to part with a billion clams pronto to survive past next two quarters; has diddly in the apps department; where’s the leadership? Ruby went totally into delusional RDF mode, which is kind of amusing, and the journo while totally not buying it, played along sympathetically, as it’s kinda’ sad watching the house burn to cinders, and nobody’s called the fire brigade and continues to dowse the flames with lighter fluid and kerosene.

Best Buy sold out of iPads

At all 673 locations, Best Buy reports they be done sold out at iPads. Please tell me all the owners upgraded to Apple Care online and didn’t sign up for a Geek Squad contract … More iPads will be supplied in time for Best Buy’s Sunday ad supplement.

Live blog CNET’s iPhone OS 4.0 coverage


Show starts in an hour. I’m nervous. Are you nervous? This could be earth-shattering. I think Mossburg might even be there. Better hide the gin.