We’re still looking for sponsors

Just wanted to clear up a misconception that some people seem to have — our arrangement with Wired, while incredibly prestigious and exciting, is not exclusive. And we still need more sponsors to get this baby off the ground and develop some new features that we’ve been thinking about to take this blog to the next level.

For you big tech corporations (you know who you are) we offer the chance to associate your stodgy, boring brand with a hip, edgy, scandalous web site that draws millions of viewers each month. Well, not millions. But thousands. And these are very smart cool people — like you, for example — and like Lawrence Lessig, who apparently is an avid reader and who is the type of guy that I’m sure has lots of discretionary income which he would love to spend on your ridiculous non-Apple products.

Let’s say you’re HP, or Lenovo, or Dell, and you want to put a message in front of loads of avid Apple fans, and maybe even make it funny, and maybe even make it on video. Hmmm. Or let’s say you’re Cisco, and everyone thinks of you as the boring router guys, but you want to change that image and seem hip and consumer-friendly and remind people that you, too, have an iPhone. Hmmm. Geddit?

Anyhoo. In the whole Web 2.0 spirit of user generated profits, er, content, I’m just going to ask: Help a fake billionaire out, people.

Hit the email button and we can brainstorm ideas. Namaste.

Your whore,