Much love

Reader Michael J. emailed in this photo of a birthday cake he made for yours truly. Or, well, actually for RSJ, but I’ll definitely enjoy a slice too. Thanks, Michael J. Namaste.

BTW, in case you’re wondering, we had a really nice birthday dinner, all vegan of course, and everything was great until Branson and Sting and their entourages started wondering out loud why Ireland, with a climate and natural resources virtually identical to England, had remained such a backwater for so many centuries while England built an empire and became a global superpower. Don’t think they meant anything by it but Bono and the boyos from U2 took offense and started shouting about centuries of feckin slavery and oppression, and the feckin famine, and next thing you know the Brits moved off to a different room while the Paddies got hammered and started reciting Brendan Behan and singing “Come Out Ye Black and Tans.” Meanwhile Sergey and Larry Ellison were doing some mock karate but then it started getting serious, and Sergey managed to do something bad to Larry’s wrist, so Larry’s Japanese girlfriend had to drive him home, and we only found out later that she’s a high school kid and doesn’t even have her license yet. Oh well. Good times.