Caption winners

Another amazing selection this week, proving once again that this blog boasts the most talented, intelligent and handsome collection of middle-aged computer nerds on the Internet. Still can’t figure out why Viagra hasn’t caught on and started sponsoring us. Oh well. The interns at FSJ Central here in sunny Krasnodar have been enjoying the unseasonably warm weather this week and it’s been difficult to get them to concentrate. However they are all raving about the emergence of a new superstar, Mr. H. Aiku, whose work continues to astound everyone. Free beta copies of Leopard are in the mail but expect delays due to the holiday season. Peace out and thanks for your fine work.

H. Aiku
uncomfortable men
so embarrassed and troubled
he pays them to smile

and that is what a rim job tastes like.

OOH.. a fly!

H. Aiku
It’s mating season
the display of the Ballmer
disturbing to most

the latest Britney taco shot …