Hello darkness my old friend

Dear friends,
It’s Thanksgiving, a time when we all need to pull back from the rat race and spend some time with our loved ones, remembering all the things for which we are grateful. In other words, I’m not gonna be blogging this week. Or not much anyway. I’m pulling a half day today then have to run out and get the tofurkey for Thursday dinner. We’re having a big one this year with lots of friends from the Valley. After dinner a bunch of us are getting on the Jobs Jet and zipping out to Polynesia for some R&R. I’m sure I’ll have some great stories to tell when we get back. For now let me leave you with one bit of advice: Don’t spend this entire long weekend shopping. But if you do go shopping, check out our Apple stores. We’ve got a great lineup of iPod accessories that make fantastic stocking stuffers. Or heck, splurge and get someone you love a kick-ass new iMac. Nothing says “I love you and value our friendship” like a beautiful white machine that restores a sense of childlike wonder to someone’s life. For now, adios, much love and namaste. Kiss your kids. Make love to your wife. Sing as if no one is listening. Dance as if no one is watching. Buy a Zune, set it on fire, and send me the photo. Keep buying those iMacs. Remember to breathe. Peace out.