Obviously a Dell user

This bad boy’s real name is Todd, and he grew up in Grosse Point, Michigan but tells everyone he’s from Detroit. His dad is a top exec at GM and very disappointed in old Todd, who lives in Potrero Hill, works at Staples and has changed his name to to Sat’n — “Yeah, that’s with an apostrophe instead of the second `a,’ but it’s pronounced `Satan.'” He’s got a tongue and he knows how to use it, both on dudes and on chicks.

And, um, isn’t that chick the same hot Asian who was assaulting chicks in the other photos? This girl knows how to party.

Disgusting photos courtesy of amateur pornographer Mitchell Aidelbaum who reports three new cases of genital warts were acquired as a result of this party, all from the same certain Miss You-Know-Who. A new record for Yelp!