Muchas gracias, Diego mio bueno amigo

This is Diego, our spirit guide in Peru. He had no idea who I was. Or Sting, either. Which was so cool. (Of course the others all did, and we had to tell them to just chill out, we’re just regular dudes like you. First time Sting let one go in his Depends we became just one of the guys, which was great.) Diego kept calling me “Atahualpa” and telling me I had like this very powerful connection to the energy centers in the Amazon, maybe from a past life or something, and could I feel it? Fact is the only thing I could feel was my colon spasming like I had a space alien trying to eat its way out of my butt, but I lied and told him I could. When in Peru, right? Awesome time. Highly recommended to all of you. If you go, tell Diego I sent you. Es un hombre muy awesomeoso.